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Canadian Medicare is really screwed up and doesn't cover what is really important for the people it is supposed to be helping.

My Rant – Canadian Medicare Doesn’t Cover What Really Matters.

Canadian Healthcare

I nearly lost my sh*t while listening to the radio while making my breakfast this morning. It was a morning talk show on the Canadian Medicare System. What really got to me was when some drug addict was whining about how hard it is for him to get across town to a clinic in order to receive his FREE Methadone treatment and wanted taxi service covered.

I nearly got a brain aneurysm from the rage that came over me. This person made a conscious decision in their life to take a substance that I’m pretty sure he knew how addictive it would become. Knowingly ignoring all the side effects just to get high is now expecting Tax Dollars into Canadian Medicare to not only treat their addiction but also cart his last ass off to get the treatment.

It’s great that they are trying to get clean, but I don’t get why Tax dollars get spent on Canadian Medicare to cover his Methadone Treatment. Why does a drug addict who willingly took drugs and put their own life in jeopardy get a free drug treatment plan? This get’s my blood boiling because there are treatments for Cancer that are not covered by the Canadian Medicare System. This hits close to home because My mother fought and lost the battle she had with cancer. And the drugs she needed to help her life were out of pocket for the most part.

My mother and so many others with Cancer did not choose to get it (Unless they got it from Smoking). Unlike Mr. Whiny Pants wanting a free ride to get his free synthetic drug. If a junkie who made a self-conscious decision to ruin their life can get free treatment when they change their mind, then ALL Cancer cases should be completely covered by the Canadian Medicare System also. I can’t understand why this is the way.

What is Medicare and what’s covered by Canadian medicare?

What is Canada’s Medicare called? The Canadian healthcare system, known as Canadian Medicare, is funded by taxes. It covers all care deemed “medically necessary,” including hospital and Canadian doctors for medicare visits, but generally does not provide a prescription, dental, or vision coverage.

Mac's Opinion - The place where everyone is entitled to my opinion

Now it says, “Medically Necessary” right? So I guess Cancer Patient’s treatment isn’t Medically Necessary, but a junkie’s drug treatment is right?

OH, and by the way, the radio talk show also mentioned how junkies are now getting free service at Injection Sites to take their drugs now also. Yup, a safe place where they can get high safely. You can’t make this sh*t up!

Quality Of Life Coverage Is Not Quality Of Life Coverage.

Canadian Healthcare

They say that the Canadian Medicare System maintains the quality of life for the Canadian people. Whoever turned out the rules on what Quality of Life actually thinks it’s supplying and distributing free narcotics to junkies. Not helping those who take life seriously but get Cancer and other ailments, not 100% covered by Canadian Medicare.

Why isn’t Eyecare covered by Canadian Medicare? How is your quality of life going to be when you can’t see? I guess running a drug injection site is more important than making sure people can see and be functioning part of society and can contribute to it. But instead, we need stoners who are too screwed up and can’t do sh*t to support society but instead leach from it.

Why isn’t Dental care covered by Canadian medicare? How is somebody’s quality of life going to be when they’re in constant agony because they have dental issues that require major extraction surgery? I guess junkies getting their free fix is more important than a person who’s in so much pain they can’t be a functioning part of society when they are willing to be but can’t.

I could go on, and on… but I think I’ve said enough to get a discussion going.

Staffing Shortages.

They also were talking about Staffing Problems. Because of COVID, I guess a lot of Doctors and Nurses are getting burnout and/or are out sick with COVID. This has been causing a strain on the hospitals, causing some to shut down or reduce operating hours. Because you know, you can control when you need medical assistance right?

is health care free in canada

Just think about how many people that would have a doctorate and nursing degrees would be available if college courses were free. Imagine how many skilled workers there would be here right in Canada if Education was covered by Government. We could employ our own citizens instead of seeking foreign workers. But that’s an entire new post on its own.

But I’m just saying that priorities on Tax Dollar Spending are way out of whack!



I know and I expect to get some backlash from some readers about the way I refer to people as Junkies. But if you knowingly and willingly take a substance just to get high while knowing the consequences, then that is a decision that gets you the nickname, “Junkie.” And if you complain because you aren’t getting enough handouts from Canadian Medicare for your addiction, then you’re a selfish Junkie.

If you are a Junkie who is trying to get clean, good for you. But don’t be like that guy I heard on the radio complaining about how he’s not being looked after enough while people are dying because they can’t afford life-saving drugs that aren’t covered by the system you get for free. You made a selfish decision when you got addicted, you don’t need to continue to be selfish when you are getting free help. Get clean and become a valued member of the community and contribute to it.

Don’t bother commenting with closed-ended comments like, “But they are changing their lives around.” or, “Don’t call them Junkies, that’s not nice.” and “That’s harsh. You’re an a**hole.” If you feel the need to, you need to explain to me like I’m a 5-year-old why you feel that a Junkie getting treatment over a Cancer Patient is more important. OK, Go!

I’m waiting…

I’ll be here if you have anything informative to say or if you feel like ranting with me or against me. I’m sure this post will piss off a lot of people and they will bring out their keyboard warrior skills. But I’m confident there are equal if not more amount of people who will agree, but unfortunately won’t chime in out of fear of beratement from those keyboard warriors.

OK, this concludes today’s Rant. Boy, that Radio Show really got me worked up!

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