Flashback Fridays
Weekly posts on Fridays called "Flashback Fridays" take a look back at the first 20 years of blogging. Flashback Fridays Chapter 2
Flashback Fridays Chapter 2
Flashback Fridays Chapter 2

Flashback Fridays Chapter 2

Flashback Fridays Chapter 2
Flashback Fridays Chapter 2

Well here is Flashback Fridays Chapter 2, a weekly series of entertaining and fun flashbacks of blog posts I’ve written over the past 20 years of blogging. It’s surreal to consider that I’ve been blogging for 20 years.

Using the Wayback Machine to select a few old posts that we believe would be both interesting and humorous and to post them each week in this Flashback Fridays series. So, let’s take a look at what was going through my mind all those years ago.

When I was younger, I was such a nerd. Please use your discretion when reading these posts because I apparently used profanity a lot.

Let’s get to Flashback Fridays Chapter 2!

Flashback Fridays Chapter 2

Quick Entry

November 23rd, 2004 by MacBros

Just about time to hit the hay early because I’m beat.
But before I do I thought I would add an entry to my blog.
I’m a little tired out today because I had a long day at work. After work I had another interview with the Site Manager after work, I was asked if I wouldn’t mind going through another interview this morning after work. (A little redundant with the “After Work” thing ey’?
I said,


Anyway, after work I sat there waiting for an hour and a half because they were running behind, so by the time it came time for the interview I was tired and hungry. When it came time for all them questions I brain farted big time, I just couldn’t focus because I was so f**cen tired. I think I bombed big time. Let’s hope it wasn’t as bad as I think it was. But 30 minutes of questioning when your trying not to yawn and fall asleep is very difficult.

Why was I so tired? Well, this morning around 4 am that f**cen kid downstairs decides to try for attention by screaming and crying, while the Mother does nothing to shut the f**cen kid up. I know picking up the kid will just be giving into its reason for acting out, but when you’re living in an apartment, you have to think about the people that live in the building that have to get up in the morning to go to their Job. They don’t have the luxury of sleeping all day long only to get up to go to the mailbox to get the welfare cheque. (F**ken welfare addicts)

Anyway on to other things.

Watched “National Treasure”, I liked this movie, it was almost like an “Indiana Jones” Movie. Can’t wait for the DVD to come out. The other movie I watched was…. (You’re Gonna Laugh)..”Spong Bob SquarePants: The Movie” Hey I originally got it for the Nephew because he loves the show, I went to see if the quality was any good and ended up laughing my ass off while watching about 10 minutes of it this morning, so I watched the rest just now.
Well, I’m pooped. I’m going to bed. F**ken tired.

l8er all.

Oh, I remember that apartment. The lady living below me was a crackhead. She had a young kid who would yell and scream all day and night. I think she was either friend or family of the superintendent of the building because everyone who lived there made a complaint about the constant screaming and nothing ever got done about it.

I was glad when I got the chance to move out of that place. A lot of people eventually moved out of that building due to that one tenant.

Flashback Fridays Chapter 2

The Suspense is Killin’ Me!

November 25th, 2004 by MacBros

Haven received word yesterday if I got the position yet. I didn’t even get a ‘PFO Letter’ (AKA’ Please F**k Off Letter). I might find out in the morning when I go to check my e-mail at work.
I’m not getting my hopes up, because I know I f**ced up big time in the interview, thanks to the bawling kid downstairs.

Today is my Friday, which means I’m off for the next two days. I don’t have a cent to piss on so I guess I’ll be getting some work done to the site. I need to create a video page that will show off my Star Wars flick and Music Videos.

I still can get into my old ISP’s e-mail account. For some reason, they haven’t closed that account yet. I’ve returned the modem and they still have the account open. Stupid f**c heads. They’ll probably expect me to pay for the days I didn’t have the service. I have a receipt for when I returned the modem so they can f**c off! (I R Smrt, I know) I sent an e-mail to them because they’re closed when I get off work, telling them to close the f**cen account, but before I did, I created a junkmail911@rogers.com address just so they don’t try to sell my main e-mail address to f**cen spammers. (I know, the SMRT thing again)

WOW! Just looked at the temperature on my desktop and it is 12oC outside! Dude!
Looked out the window and it is piss pouring out too, Dough! Have to get a drive to work now. :(

Anyway, got to get ready for work.


Oh, that kid cost me a job promotion because I didn’t get it. I can remember them saying that I didn’t show interest which was further from the truth. I was running on about an hour of sleep in over two days.

I still use that old email address. It’s still active and I use it for my trash and my “I don’t trust you” email address. Not the junkmail911 one, but another one from rogers. 20 years later and they still haven’t killed it.

Seems the weather was weird back then also. +12oC in late November is unusual.

Flashback Fridays Chapter 2

Bend Over How Far..??

November 25th, 2004 by MacBros

Things can be just downright f**cen cruel!
I received word today about that position… (insert suspense here )… I got shot down for the third time! I should have known when I read my horoscope this morning before I headed out to work.

You might feel as if you were newly born, but this could translate to also feeling a little defenseless. Right now is the time to take your sticky fingers off the control panel and trust the system. Ignore your urge to stir up trouble just for the fun of it; your coworkers or pals are too busy facing deadlines to share your current mood. Don’t look for absolutes in a gray area, but try to appreciate subtlety. If you try to demonstrate your might, someone could get hurt. Pay close attention to your actions.

“F**k off!“, I thought to myself. Demonstrate my might. Pfffffft! Give me a break! I put my trust in the so-called f**cen’ system and look what it gave me. Another f**cen PFO Letter!
I’m curious as to what butt muncher got the position I was applying for. I’ve been thinking that I should have gone into the interview acting like an ‘empty helmet’ because it appears that the less you know, the better your chances of getting the positions you apply for. Either that or the rating system is being read wrong, they probably think a rating of 10 is a bad thing when it should be a good thing. If they rated from 1 – 10 that is.

Well, I’ve got a nice cold beer here sitting beside me to keep me company (pathetic, I know), and a few things I need to get done on this site, so. Smell ya’ later.

Yup, the person who got that position was a complete bubblehead who didn’t know what they were doing. All my co-workers at that time couldn’t understand how they actually got that position because they didn’t have a clue how to actually do that job. They ended up destroying the department they were in charge of resulting in the department being dissolved.

You know the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” that gets you those jobs and promotions. That place I worked was a cesspool of favoritism. I’m happy to have left when I did as the company soon went under a year later.

Flashback Fridays Chapter 2 Conclusion…


Well, this concludes Flashback Fridays Chapter 2. Let me know in the comments if you like this whole idea of Flashback Fridays being posted every week. Or don’t. I don’t have a lot of commenters here anyway, just a lot of readers and lookie-loos.

If you enjoyed this Flashback Fridays Chapter 2 post, be sure to come back next week for Flashback Fridays Chapter 3.

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