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Moved the garden plants out, planted some new goodies, and strung up the beans to avoid last year's noodle nightmare. Nematodes on pest patrol. Marketplace sales booming, critters—bug off!

Garden update!

So, out with the old and in with the new, right? I’ve moved all the outdoor plants from inside the greenhouse to their summer spots. This opened up more space inside the greenhouse, and now I can plant some Wax beans and carrots. Exciting times ahead!

I staked the area and strung out lines to corral the wax bean plants this time. Last year, we didn’t, and let me tell you, rummaging through those floppy bean plants for the good stuff was like playing hide-and-seek with a bunch of green noodles! Talk about a pain in my butt!

Wax Bean corral
Wax bean coral

You might call it a wax bean coral if you like, but whatever it ends up being named, it’s sure to make harvesting the wax beans a whole lot easier. I’m excited! I’m planning to train the plants up through the strings so they’ll have better support and be more accessible when it’s time to start picking the wax beans for dinner. Fresh wax beans straight from the garden are the best, don’t you think?

Ain’t nobody got the funds fo’ dat!

In the past, we had so many beans that we ended up freezing a few bags of them. And let me tell you, even frozen beans are way better than the ones from the grocery store. If you’ve been buying them, you know what I mean—those prices are bean-credible!

And since prices are skyrocketing at the supermarket, we’ll also be planting carrots. Last year, our carrot experiment ended up as a buffet for the soil-dwelling critters—those sneaky little munchers left chew marks all over them! But this year, we’re stepping up our game and have called in the elite squad of nematodes. These little heroes are like the bouncers of the garden, making sure only the good bugs get to stay.

Carrot zone
Carrot zone

The whole area in front of the wax bean coral will be two rows of carrots. Yes, that’s my fabulously attractive leg and foot in the image, but don’t get distracted by the allure of my gorgeous limb. We’re here to talk about carrots, people—focus!

Although those carrot-munching critters turned our garden into their personal buffet last year, we did manage to rescue a few of our precious veggies. Seriously though, do the carrots from your own garden taste phenomenally better than those store-bought (or should I say store-priced) ones, or is it just me?

Marketplace sales are going well

So the Marketplace sales are continuing to thrive! I just completed a $25 sale while writing this blog post. Cha-ching! (Update: make it an extra $4 for two Jalapeno sales) We have only a few English Cucumbers and Jalapeno peppers left. We just listed California Reaper Peppers yesterday, and 3 of the 6 have already sold. This year has been incredibly educational for me in understanding what people are interested in when it comes to garden sales. Tomatoes consistently sell out, as do green peppers. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Teddy Bear Sunflowers sell out in just a few days.

The last item on my plant sale list is pansies, but I’m strategically waiting until they’ve grown bigger and started budding before unleashing them on Marketplace. When it comes to our personal vegetable harvest, we’re selling the surplus instead of donating it. Here’s why: the food banks around here are a joke, exploited by freeloaders who can afford their own groceries. It’s disgusting that genuinely needy people miss out because of these vultures. Maybe if the food banks actually screened their clients, I wouldn’t be forced down this path. Consider it a wake-up call.

A Garden Farewell

Gardening Conclusion

So, there you have it, folks! My garden is shaping up to be a legendary mix of wax beans, carrots, and a dash of nematode heroics. Let’s just hope the critters get the memo that this year, the garden VIP section is strictly beans and carrots only!

Now it’s your turn—I want to hear from you! Drop a comment below and let me know what you think of this garden update. Do you have any veggie sales going on? Tips for keeping those pesky critters at bay? Share your wisdom, your triumphs, your plant-tastrophes, and let’s grow this garden community together.

Happy gardening, and stay green-thumbed!

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