Greenhouse Adventures
Greenhouse glory: an early start with diesel-heated growth, pepper pandemonium, and muscular tomatoes. A garden gala for bees, beauty, and belly laughs. Your comments fertilize our fun!

The benefits of owning a greenhouse

So we got an early start with our gardening thanks to our greenhouse and Vevor diesel heater. We planted seeds in the middle of March inside our grow room and then transferred them out to the greenhouse once they sprouted. I was late getting them into the greenhouse and as a result, they all got a little leggy but they’ll be fine. They didn’t get too leggy thankfully!

Check out what we have growing!

Excuse the poor audio. Sorry about that, the airport was busy and noisy. Plus I had the Diesel heater running which you can hear ticking. These are a great thing to have to heat your greenhouse, if you’re interested in getting one you can find them on Amazon here.

Pepper mania has officially taken over our garden, folks! We’ve got peppers in every costume: the regal King Peppers, the fiery (yet tiny) Jalapeno Peppers, those diabolical tongue terrorists known as Carolina Reapers, and their humble but oh-so-essential cousin, the plain Jane green peppers. Our kitchen’s about to turn into Pepper Central as we embark on a magical taste quest, all in the name of health and crunch.

Speaking of surprise guests, the tomato plants have been hitting the growth serum hard. They’ve pumped those green muscles up so fast, I barely recognized them. One day they’re shy little sprouts, and the next, they’re auditioning for “Jack and the Beanstalk.” To keep up with their ambitions, we’ll be moving them into swanky 10-inch penthouse pots. These pots will be their Uber for when they fancy a trip outside to bask in the summer vibes or need to sprint back to the cozy greenhouse when autumn comes calling with its chilly playlist.

Among the peppers and tomatoes, Romaine lettuce is popping up like fresh green applause, ready to add some pizzazz to our salad game. Seems we’re attempting to give the deep fryer the cold shoulder—and frankly, our arteries are throwing a party about it. But fear not; these verdant, leafy bowlfuls of crunch are the perfect sidekick to a heroic BBQ steak or a twirling rotisserie chicken. It’s like having your cake and eating your veggies too…except there’s no cake, just extra croutons! 🥗😄

But wait! There’s more!

Oh, we’re not just garden aesthetes over here; we’re bona fide bee and butterfly butlers, too! That’s right, we’re in the business of botanical buffets. By planting a smorgasbord of outdoor flowers, we’ve turned our yard into a Michelin-starred diner for our winged pals. And boy, do they work for their supper, moonlighting as our personal pollination squad.

Now picture this: our lawn and fence looking like they’re competing for the ‘Best-Dressed’ award, with potted posies lined up like beauty pageant contestants. Even the hanging pots are getting in on the action, swinging around the house like trapeze artists—all decked out in floral finery, of course.

Let’s just say our yard in the summer is the talk of the town. It’s so stunning that if I could reach it, I’d give myself a pat on the back. But since I can’t, I’ll settle for a self-five—for style, sustainability, and a smidge of silliness.

Conclusion… 🌿

Conclusion gardening

And there you have it, my fellow chlorophyll companions—our greenhouse saga in a nutshell. It’s more than just a glass sanctuary for our greens; it’s a nerve center where all the garden gags hatch! Remember, if you’re feeling down, just step into a greenhouse; even during photosynthesis, our plants know how to throw some shade.

Now, don’t hoard all those chuckles for your compost heap; share ’em with us! Drop your thoughts, your gardening guffaws, your greenhouse gambits, and of course, your verdict on our veggie variety show (the video, folks!). Your comments are like fertilizer for our funny—so lay it on thick! Let’s get to the root (pun intended) of what makes your garden grow and your belly laugh. Happy gardening! 🌶️🍅🥗

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