July 13, 2024
Katie's Dental Procedure
$171.35 for a 10-minute vet visit? Just a pre-anesthetic blood test for Katie's upcoming dental procedure! Vets milk our love for our pets, charging exorbitant fees for mandatory procedures. Katie's creepy growth behind her teeth will likely cost $1130.45-$1315.03. Pet insurance would've helped, but hindsight’s 20/20. Vets’ merciless exploitation continues!

Didn’t even get the dental procedure yet and it’s already starting to add up!

I just got ripped off for $171.35 for a 10-minute vet visit! All they did was a Pre Anesthetic Blood Screening for GHP on Katie because she’s having a dental procedure next week. Sure, they can call it whatever fancy term makes them sleep better at night, but it’s a blatant money grab. This is totally something they could do before the surgery, but no, they drag you in just to milk more cash out of you. We’ll do anything for our fur babies, and these vets know it and exploit us mercilessly!

Katie’s nightmare began with a sinister growth behind her upper front teeth, throwing her once-perfect smile into chaos. The teeth are crowding together, decaying from the inside out. As if that wasn’t horrifying enough, she’s now facing the gut-wrenching reality of having her front teeth removed. Disturbingly, despite being removed and examined once, this monstrous growth has returned, ready to wreak havoc once more.

Katie's growth
dental procedure to take care of this

That’s not her tongue sticking out; it’s that irritating growth that we already paid a fortune to remove once. Honestly, I feel awful for her—it’s clearly uncomfortable, and let’s not even start on how it makes her breath reek like a trash heap.

A giant cell epulis, scientifically referred to as an epulis, is a benign growth located in the mouth, specifically arising from the periodontal ligament. This ligament is a crucial tissue that encases the root of the tooth, anchoring it firmly into the bone. The occurrence of such a mass is generally attributed to trauma in the affected area or irritation stemming from dental plaque or other irritants.

Due to the presence of dental tartar and tooth mobility in the affected area, a dental procedure is advised. During the procedure, Katie will be placed under full general anesthesia. Comprehensive x-rays will be conducted on all her teeth to evaluate the condition of the roots, as many teeth that appear healthy based on crown inspection may, in fact, have diseased roots.

After all teeth are x-rayed and assessed, they will extract any problematic teeth. Katie will require the extraction of at least the incisors (front teeth). Once the problematic teeth are removed, the remaining teeth will be cleaned and polished. During the recovery process, Katie will need to consume canned food or softened dry food for three weeks. Additionally, she will be sent home with pain medication to ensure her mouth remains comfortable during healing.

This dental procedure is going to be an expensive ordeal that we really can’t afford, but it has to be done. The actual total may vary between $1130.45 and $1315.03.

Estimate of dental procedure procedure

These individual procedures involved are insanely overpriced in my opinion.

The tagline they put at the top of the receipt is, “We care for your pet like you do.” but let’s be real—if you change the word pet to money, it rings truer.

Losing her pretty smile after the dental procedure

My little girl is about to lose that adorable little smile we’ve come to adore whenever she sees us. She grins like a Cheshire cat when she says, “Yes, I want that sausage.” So there I am, holding a piece of sausage, playing the proud purveyor of pork, asking if she wants it.

It’s going to be downright bizarre seeing her without her front teeth. I wonder if they’ll bother removing that growth again—guess I’ll find out on the day. I asked about it today, but the clueless lackey who did the bloodwork was just a pawn and didn’t have a clue. If they actually do it, that’s another $800 down the drain, lining the pockets of those shameless crooks!

Pet insurance would have been nice

In hindsight of this dental procedure, it’s infuriating that we didn’t get pet insurance to cover these exorbitant procedure costs. We’ll definitely be getting it once this ordeal wraps up because—let’s face it—they wouldn’t let us sign up while she’s in the thick of this mess. When we finally do, you better believe she’ll be in there regularly, getting her teeth cleaned and milking every last benefit out of it.


Dental Procedure conclusion

Navigating the whirlwind of costly vet bills and complex dental procedures for our beloved pets can be emotionally and financially draining. Katie’s journey is a testament to the lengths we’ll go to ensure their comfort and well-being, even when faced with unexpected hardships and unavoidable expenses. While the cost breakdown may seem overwhelming, it’s a necessary investment in their health and happiness.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Have you faced similar challenges with vet bills or had experiences with pet dental procedures? Do you have any tips or insights on managing these costs or ensuring the best care for your pets? Share your stories in the comments below. Whether your experiences are nightmares or have had happy endings, your input might just provide some comfort or valuable advice to someone else going through a similar situation. Let’s foster a supportive community where we can learn from each other and share our love for our furry family members.

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