July 12, 2024
Katies Dental Surgery Feature
Katie had all her front teeth removed and a growth taken out, leading to a costly vet visit. Post-surgery, she wobbled like jelly and stuck her tongue out like a lizard. With a recovery plan including soft food and meds, the owner is seeking pet insurance advice and financial help. Who needs front teeth, right?

Her dental surgery results

Yesterday, Katie underwent dental surgery, during which all her front teeth were removed because of the persistent growth that caused them to shift and create problems. The vet also removed the growth once again in the hope that it won’t return. I’m truly weary of having to bring my poor girl to the vet so frequently and subjecting her to all that stress. Not to mention, the cost! Pet Insurance would have come in handy.

Katie's dental surgery - front teeth removed - Wishing we had Pet Insurance

When she got home, she was wobblier than jelly on a roller coaster, thanks to the anesthetic, and let me tell you, her anger levels were off the charts! She was convinced I had committed the ultimate act of betrayal and treated me like I was invisible. I kept trying to explain that it was necessary and that she’d feel as good as new once it healed, but she wasn’t buying it for a second.

Stick that tongue in Katie!

I’m not sure if this is just a temporary phase until she gets used to the whole no-front-teeth situation, but she keeps sticking her tongue out like she’s auditioning for a lizard role. It’s gradually improved, and she isn’t trying to taste the air as much as she did yesterday, but there’s still a bit of tongue action going on. Honestly, it’s kind of adorable!

The surgery went well, sorta

All in all, the surgery went well. They removed all the problematic teeth and the unattractive growth, hopefully for the last time. There was a minor scare during the teeth cleaning; halfway through, her heart rate began to slow down. The doctors had to wake her up immediately to get her heart beating normally again. They mentioned that it might have been due to a prolonged period under anesthesia. Thankfully, she woke up and returned to normal. The only downside is that she only got half of her teeth cleaned.

On the road to recovery

Katie will be cruising down the recovery highway for the next three weeks. She’s got a cocktail of three snazzy medications to keep her company. Among these are anti-inflammatories and pain meds, including the drowsy kind that’ll make her feel like Sleeping Beauty. So, no roughhousing with Princess and Missy, and definitely no hard toys. Plus, she’s on a gourmet diet of soft, stinky dog food and treats, which she nom-noms without a hitch—’cause who can resist that delightful aroma? LOL

Footing the bill

As we all know, vets practically demand your soul from the moment you step through the door. Seriously! They milk you for the initial visit, treatments, and every second you spend there. The whole ordeal costs a fortune! At least this time, they only swindled us for half the dental cleaning and avoided slapping on an extra $800 for removing that growth again, which, let me remind you, was the insane charge the first time. The grand total? Over $2,000.00, all out of pocket because, guess what, we don’t have pet insurance. The outrageous lengths we go to for our little fur babies, right?

No, we can’t afford to spend like this. But honestly, who can these days? It had to be done, or it would have just spiralled into a nightmare for her. And that’s exactly how vets justify these exorbitant prices. I do have a “Buy Me A Coffee” Donation account if you’re feeling generous. It’s right there on the sidebar, impossible to ignore. Or, you could always use the link below. No pressure.

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Pet Insurance: It’s moments like this…

It’s moments like this when you kick yourself for not having pet insurance to cover the outrageous costs. With two cats and two dogs, we can’t afford these sky-high medical bills. Maybe it’s finally time we stop procrastinating and get that pet insurance.

Does pet insurance cover all of your pets, or do you need to fork out for a separate policy for each individual pet? Seriously, that would be a major hassle if it did. Who’s got the money for that nonsense? Does anyone reading this actually know any (Canadian) pet insurance companies that don’t pull these stunts? Well, we’re about to uncover the truth anyway. Let’s hope for some good news!

The Final Paw-se

Katie's Dental Surgery conclusion

And there you have it, folks! Our wild, wobbly, and tongue-filled adventure through Katie’s dental drama. From jelly-like antics to lizard impersonations, we’ve seen it all. My hope is she’ll soon be back to her old self, sans front teeth but with the same cheeky spirit. We all love our fur babies and sometimes that love comes with a hefty price tag—one that makes us consider selling a kidney or two.

In the meantime, Katie and I will be here, navigating through her recovery one soft, stinky dog food bite at a time and shooting side-eye glances at the vet bill.

Let’s Hear from You!

Now, it’s your turn! How do you feel about the way vets seem to overcharge for their services? Do you have any funny or touching pet stories you’d like to share? And let’s not forget, does anyone out there have experience with pet insurance? Do you find it actually helps, or is it just another money pit?

Drop your thoughts in the comments below. Katie and I are all ears (and apparently, tongue)!

Katie looking cute- Pet Insurance

Don’t forget to check out my Buy Me A Coffee link if you’re feeling generous. Every little bit helps with Katie’s recovery expenses! Thanks for reading, and hope to hear from you all soon.

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