July 12, 2024
KFC Canada Halal Feature
Here we go again. Another corporation went woke to appease the Muslim community leaving Canadians and their values out on the curb. KFC Canada goes full-blown Halal and removes all pork items from their menu.

Canadian Values Out The Window And KFC Canada Goes Halal-Only! 🍗

And here we go again! To all Muslims or any immigrant for that matter: if you don’t like the chicken here, either go find it in the country you came from or spend your own money opening up your own restaurant. If you think you can’t assimilate into the Canadian culture that we Canadians have cherished over the past decades and leave your radical beliefs behind, then turn around and go back to where you came from—we don’t want you here.

There, I said it. I voiced what countless Canadians are thinking but are too afraid to admit, fearing they’ll be branded as racists. This isn’t about race; this is about these bold newcomers barging into Canada and shoving aside our cherished values to morph everything Canadian into a replica of the very countries they fled from.

With the influx of immigration spiralling into a full-blown crisis, the Trudeau government’s blind support will only fuel this chaos, transforming Canada into a country we no longer recognize. Canadians need to wake up and confront these reckless changes before we descend into the same chaos faced by the UK.

KFC Canada has announced that all of its Ontario locations will exclusively serve Halal-certified chicken and will say goodbye to pork products, aligning with Islamic dietary practices. So, I guess we should start calling it “Koran-Fried Chicken”? It might not catch on, though. This change is stirring the pot because it’s catering to one religious group. And let’s not even get started on the tragedy of no more bacon on your chicken burger because of this “cluckin'” change! This is not all-inclusive, it’s Muslim only.

KFC Goes Halal In Ontario Canada

How long until we’re all donning Keffiyeh Scarves? How long before every woman and girl is forced into full-body shrouds? What’s unfolding in European countries is now encroaching right here in Canada, and it’s spiralling out of control with Justin Trudeau’s reckless immigration policies flooding our borders.

We’ve already been warned

Brigitte Gabriel, Founder & Chairman of ACT for America, a grassroots movement doggedly battling to preserve America’s culture, sovereignty, and security, sounded the alarm on this unsettling trend. “KFC in Canada is forcing all their Ontario stores to serve Halal chicken exclusively. They’ve also axed pork products. We’re living in truly insane times. I’ve been shouting warnings to the West for ages,” Gabriel declared. Halal, an Arabic term, means “lawful” or “permitted.”

Halal is inhumane and you can’t change my mind

Halal meat, a controversial yet critical topic, refers to flesh from animals deemed acceptable by Islamic law, only if they are slaughtered through a strict and sacred ritual. The method, provocatively known as Bhabha, demands rigorous guidelines that must be followed precisely.

  • The animal must be removed from the herd and calmed before slaughter.
  • Be slaughtered with a painful swift cut to the neck, severing the jugular vein, carotid artery, and windpipe leaving the animal to choke on its blood and slowly bleed to death.
  • The name of God must be recited during the sacrifice.
  • All blood must be drained from the animal.

The KFC Memo

KFC Halal memo in Ontario

According to the memo sent to community leaders in Ontario, KFC Canada is launching Halal-certified chicken across its restaurants in Ontario from May 15th, 2024 (excluding Thunder Bay & Ottawa).

The memo further detailed the steps taken by KFC in this direction:

  • All chicken products will be Halal Certified including but not limited to chicken on the bone, chicken tenders, popcorn chicken, sandwiches, wings, etc.
  • They discontinued pork products at all KFC Locations (excluding establishments co-branded with Taco Bell).
  • They Partnered with Halal suppliers such as Maple Lodge Farms, home of Canada’s #1 Halal brand, Zabiha Halal with long-standing experience delivering Halal products to the Muslim community.
  • Trained Ontario restaurant staff on Halal operational procedures. (Because they are only hiring Muslim workers)
  • Collaborated with KFC Canada Muslim team members on the Halal roll-out.

Why on earth was this decision made, when the clear majority of Ontario’s residents are Christians? The numbers speak for themselves: the 2021 Census reports that a whopping 52.1% of Ontario’s population identifies as Christian, compared to a mere 6.72% identifying as Muslim. I’m not religious at all and I still find this absurd.

The uproar over KFC’s choice is reminiscent of the storm Earls Steakhouse unleashed in Canada when it shockingly abandoned Canadian beef in favour of Halal meat.

“A few years ago, while I was in Canada, the owner of Earls Steakhouse chain, Mo (yes short for Mohammed), switched all of the steaks to Halal beef instead of Canadian beef. After watching his business dive 30 to 40%, he brought back Canadian beef. Now they’re trying again, this time using KFC.”

Twitter/X user

Diversity doesn’t exist

It’s time to face the truth: when was the last time you walked into a Tim Hortons, KFC, or Walmart and saw a worker not from the Middle East? This isn’t diversity; it’s the undeniable takeover of Canada! Diversity is a myth, especially on the massive scale we’re witnessing with the influx of Middle Eastern immigrants. And don’t bother trying to argue—I’ve got videos of them openly declaring their mission to transform Canada into a Sharia law state and laughing in our faces, saying we can’t stop them.

KFC is dead to me

Koran Fried Chicken

Boycotting KFC might be a statement, but honestly, I haven’t set foot in any local outlets in over a year after they started hiring a bunch of Muslim immigrants from the Middle East. Good luck spotting a white Canadian working there! But let’s get real—the real kicker is the plummeting food quality once these folks took over.

The chicken was like someone dipped it in an oil slick and forgot the Colonel’s Special recipes entirely. The pieces were so tiny you’d think they took one regular drumstick, chopped it into thirds, and tried to pass it off as a meal! So that’s when we stopped going to them.

Why not let regular KFC patrons take a stand and boycott? Let these corporations know we’re fed up with their woke agendas and demand they respect our Canadian values!


KFC Canada Halal conclusion

I know I’ve hit a nerve that many Canadians have been itching to scratch for ages. I’m sick and tired of the current state of affairs here in Canada. We’re being flooded with immigrants, and it’s an absolute mess with no space to accommodate them. Food prices are soaring because we simply can’t meet the insane demand, and the housing crisis is spiralling out of control because of it all.

And now, we’re bowing down to appease them instead of celebrating Canadian cultures and values. We can’t even get a darn piece of bacon on our chicken burgers anymore because of one single group of people and a pandering restaurant chain!

What are your thoughts on this post, and how do you feel about KFC going fully Halal and axing all pork items from their menus just to cater to Muslims? Do you think this is bending over backward too much, or is it a smart business move to embrace diversity and inclusivity? Furthermore, how do you think other fast-food chains will react to this change? Will they follow suit or stick to their traditional menus?

On a broader scale, how do you feel about the direction Canada is heading with its policies on multiculturalism and religious inclusivity? Is this a positive step towards a more harmonious society, or does it raise concerns about cultural assimilation? Post your comments below and let us know where you stand on this hot topic.

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