online financial solutions
Some online financial solutions because we need to buy the property and a home to put on it.
online financial solutions
When trying to buy a home and you open your wallet be like…

Still looking for a piece of property and using Online Financial Solutions to help guide us.

Online Financial Solutions
Psycho Neighbors

If you are a frequent visitor to this blog, you will know all about the superb and colorful neighbors we have living, no, surrounding us. If you’re new to the site, I’ll just do a little recap for you then.

You see, over the past several months we have been dealing with some highly abusive neighbors. These neighbors have been uttering threats, and death threats, harassing us when we dive to work in the morning, and even showing up at our place of work. They’ve been going around town rallying up the neighborhood with slanderous claims and just plain causing us a very stressful day-to-day life.

It literally got to the point where one of them actually physically assaulted me, which resulted in charges being filed against them. Since then it has been quiet due to the terms they are under until their day in court.

Although it has settled down, we still never wanted to move out of our current home so badly as we do now after all that craziness. Even after living here in this particular neighborhood for a total of over 30 years, this past year has tainted our little abode and our feeling of safety, peace, and quiet.

But first, we need to pay off some debts

plaid API Online Financial Solutions
I’m so poor and need Online Financial Solutions

When the both of us were working full time we borrowed a bit for a new car and used our credit cards a lot. We paid the cards down easily enough because we had a double income coming in at the time. We weren’t rich, but we were financially comfortable.

Then the big pandemic shin-ding happened and my hours were cut down leaving us with debts that we budgeted on a double income. I was laid off for a while and then rehired back on with minimum hours and not enough to cover our current financial situation.

We needed to budget and it seemed that whatever plan we came up with, failed. We Googled “financial solutions online reviews” to see if there were any financial solutions examples that could help us out. Something to help us pay down our credit card debt so we could eventually go to our bank and beg for a loan to buy the property and a home to put on it. The property where we would never have to deal with Nasty Neighbors ever again.

We were new to financial solutions and the jargon like “plaid API” “is plaid safe” and “what do plaid supported banks lists mean?” It’s overwhelming and it quickly discouraged us until we eventually found some really informative and helpful online financial solutions and we’re happy to inform you that we’re back on track to buying that property. It will be a while yet, but it’s on the horizon and it’s actually a thing we can achieve and is a definite possibility.

Online Financial Solutions
Online Financial Solutions


Online Financial Solutions
Online Financial Solutions are a MUST!

I’ll just say it won’t be soon enough until we have moved into our new home, away from all the madness and psychotic neighbors. Thanks to the Online Financial Solutions we’ve reviewed, we are on the right track to securing a bank loan with our financial institution as long as we stick to our budgeting.

We’re pretty confident that borrowing from our bank after we’re back in our comfort zone won’t be a problem. We pay our bills and never lapse which means our credit is very good. It’s been tough not having that double income, but we’re managing thanks to some great online financial solutions that help with budgeting, borrowing, and loans.

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