Bag of Weed

Security Cameras And A Bag Of Weed

Got our new security cameras replaced out of pocket

security cameras

After our psycho neighbor destroyed our previous security cameras we managed to get them replaced in a couple of days. Unfortunately, it was out of our pocket. But we know they’ll pay in one way or another once the crown gets their ass in gear.

These will be the third set we purchased so far and we really like them. They are easy to set up and aren’t crazy expensive. If you’re looking for an easy setup for security cameras, then you might like these security cameras.

Although the law is a slow process, it is still the correct way to deal with matters like this. And from what we’ve been told things are looking good and things should start happening very soon.

Well anyway, can’t really get into many details as of yet, and we have things to do today, so I’ll leave you with this funny video that has a catchy tune that is sure to play in your head for the next few days.

You’re welcome!

Everything is better with a bag of weed
85 / 100

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