Survivor 43 episode 5 feature
Survivor 43 episode 5 - Ryan shows off his acting skills and nobody is buying it.


And the Survivor 43’s worst acting award goes to…

survivor season 43 episode 5
Survivor season 43 episode 5

The IQ level on Survivor 43 episode 5 isn’t really all that high it seems. Did you get a load of Ryan’s superbly and undeniably awesome acting skills? LOL! Yeah, me neither, haha!

He claims he threw the challenge on purpose just to vote off Cassidy. Oh, yeah, Cassidy is actually a player on the show by the way, even though we rarely ever see her, just so you are aware. Anyway, Ryan made up this bloated story on how he purposely threw the challenge. We’re not buying that Ryan, you actually screwed up and lost the challenge because you choked.

Then he made up this ridiculous plan to try and trick Cassidy into thinking everyone is voting for him for some reason. “Don’t be so nice to me,” he kept telling his tribe mates who he thought were in on his dubious plan. He really thought he was in control of the game, didn’t he? LOL! He’s so delusional.

In last night’s show (episode 5), we actually saw a bit more airtime for Cassidy, but that’s only because her name came up a few times as a person who potentially might be voted out. Unlike the last episode when you may have actually gone, “Where did she come from?” as I did. She is definitely the best “fly under the radar” cast member there ever was in Survivor history, in my opinion.

So, who got voted out on Episode 5?

SUrvivor 43 episode 5
Geo Bustamante

Born in Peru and growing up in Miami, Geo believes his multicultural background will benefit him in the show, saying, “I think people will underestimate me.”

“Being a gay, Latino immigrant, you start creating all these insecurities when you’re young about yourself. But seeing people like me on Survivor that was doing such a good job has given me that strength,” he said. “I wanna play the game until someone tells me, ‘Listen, you’re playing too hard.’” Geo’s determined to go home with “no regrets” this season.

Well, he may have gone home with no regrets, but he did, however, go home with an unused advantage. Why did he not use that at the tribal council anyway? I think I missed the reason why he refused to use it, or did I? I was surprised he didn’t get his ass voted out long ago for being such a pushy and annoying little prick at camp.

His not using the advantage ended up with him getting blindsided by the tribal council and getting voted out in episode 5. Good riddance is what a few of his tribe mates were probably saying to themselves after he left the game. People who are demanding and pushy really annoy me and I don’t think I could have handled him for as many days as his tribe mates have.


Survivor Season 43
Survivor 43 episode 5

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