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This is a case of what not to do on Survivor 43 episode 4. Paranoia will destroy ya.

In this Survivor Season 43 episode – paranoia will destroy ya


Survivor 43

Was the audio clip too much? I was just trying something out, but if you don’t like it, just let me know in the comments below. I hope you didn’t have your volume cranked too loud and are now lying sprawled out on the floor clutching your chest.

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This Survivor season 43 episode 4 seemed to zoom right through to the end so fast that it felt like it was over as soon as it started. Did I pass out? Last week’s episode showed promise, but episode 4 was eventless. The only highlight was when Cody went to one of the other tribes to steal an item from them resulting in him conning them out of a lot more things than they really had to give away. He really showed off his salesman-like skills in this Survivor episode, didn’t he?

Also, I think Cassidy should get the award for “Person I Didn’t Know Existed Until Tonight.”

The tribe has spoken

Survivor 43 episode 4
Lindsay Carmine

“What makes me great at being a caregiver overflows into every other aspect of my life,” Lindsay said in her intro. “In order to be a successful nurse, you have to be able to thrive in chaos. I’m hoping I can use those skills to win the game of Survivor, but as one of the oldest players, I think people are gonna underestimate me. I’m excited to come out here and take risks.”

Wait, what? She says, “In order to be a successful nurse, you have to be able to thrive in chaos.” Umm, she got voted out because of the exact opposite of what she claimed saying she is able to thrive in chaos. She panicked and got so paranoid she triggered the rest of her tribe mates to vote her out. She was so safe because they were all putting Geo on the chopping block.

Geo was being such a controlling, nitpicking, and annoying little prick they were all going to vote him out. The only two people that were being considered before Lindsay screwed up were Geo and Cassidy. Wait? Who is Cassidy again? LOL!

Lindsay pretty much ate her own words when describing herself in her bio. She was actually a good player and did her fair share in the challenges and in camp, unlike a few of her other tribe mates. This Survivor Season 43 is still crawling along and I really hope things pick up when they’re down to two tribes. Yeah, I believe they will merge into two here shortly. You?


Survivor Season 43
Survivor Season 43

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