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Survivor 44 Episode 13 recap. Here's my recap of the show. Who won the game as sole survivor?
Survivor 44 Episode 13 feature
Survivor 44 Episode 13
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Survivor 44 Episode 13 - Carolyn, Yam Yam, Carson, Lauren And Heidi Battle For The $1 million prize. 1

Survivor 44 Episode 13 – Finale!

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Survivor 44 Episode 13

Last night’s Survivor 44 Episode 13 finale was pretty good. The show trended with great plays by the cast members like last week. Everyone was shocked when Heidi revealed that she had chosen to play her idol in the final five, but they were not surprised when she hid it.

Since it had been used so recently, there was a possibility that a new one had been released into the wild and was waiting to be discovered. Carolyn urged Carson to join her in her search that evening.

Instead of acting immediately, Carson insisted that they wait until the following morning because they don’t need to worry too much because they have the majority of the votes. The group went in search of the new idol the following morning as expected, but nobody was seen finding it despite them all circling the tree where it was fastened to a branch.

Everyone’s eyes were on the ground looking just like when people have their faces on their phones all the time instead of looking up, as the idol was in the tree above them.

Survivor 44 Episode 13 1st Immunity Reward Challenge

Immunity reward challenge
Survivor 44 episode 13 reward challenge

The final five encountered a three-level obstacle during the immunity challenge, where they had to collect keys in order to climb a ladder to a tower where a final puzzle awaited them to solve in order to advance to the final four.

The most entertaining person is always Carolyn, as usual. I simultaneously laughed at her and felt bad for her.

All five participants in the challenge reached the first key simultaneously before Carson and Heidi took the lead in the next stage and remained tied the entire time until they reached the puzzle. The front two worked on the puzzle, and while Carolyn struggled to get her last key, Lauren and then Yam Yam caught up. She finally figured it out and made it to the puzzle where her chances of success were extremely slim.

By this point, Carson had gained the upper hand and was building his puzzle from the outside in, eventually squeezing the final pieces through the center and winning the crucial immunity challenge!

Along with receiving immunity, Carson also received a reward: a trip to the Sanctuary for a special lunch. He could only bring one person, so he chose Yam Yam, and the two of them left while the three other women went back to camp.

Did anyone else notice the “You’re Dead to Me Carson” look that Carolyn had when Carson chose Yam Yam to go to the Reward? Yikes!

At the Sanctuary

Reward sanctuary
Survivor 44 episode 13

At the sanctuary reward, Yam Yam gets right back on track by trying to throw Carolyn under the bus by throwing her name down onto the chopping block. He’s been trying to do this for the past several episodes but luckily for Carolyn, nobody is convinced, Carson suggests Lauren instead.

Back at the camp, Lauren spills the beans to Carolyn about how Yam Yam tried to vote her out last tribal — FINALLY! I was wondering when somebody would speak up about how much of a snake Yam Yam is. But did this news have any effect on how Carolyn felt toward Yam Yam? Well, things did get awkward when Carson and Yam Yam returned from the Sanctuary.

Lauren voted out 1st tribal

Yam Yam was all worried because nobody was speaking to him because they know that he was a snake. Carolyn seems to have turned on him also, but is this just the editing of the show to throw us off?

Just before tribal, Carson throws out Heidi’s name when both Yam Yam and he thinks something is up. But at the first tribal council, Lauren is voted out. Not like we didn’t see that coming right?

Survivor 44 Episode 13 2nd Immunity Challenge

  • Mac's Opinion - The place where everyone is entitled to my opinion
  • Mac's Opinion - The place where everyone is entitled to my opinion

The last immunity test was held on a platform with a 360-degree view of their location in Fiji. The significance of the moment for everything she and the other players had accomplished in the game left Carolyn overcome with emotion.

The game they had to play was the classic ball shoot, where they had to play with just one hand and keep adding balls until only one player remained while the balls never stopped falling. The winner would only be able to send two contestants to the final three, and the other two would have to compete in the fire-making challenge to advance.

While most of them made an effort to evenly space the balls apart, Carolyn was clearly placing her balls too close to one another. She obviously doesn’t know how timing works. One of her two balls was eventually dropped as a result of her lack of planning.

The other three all reached four balls, but Yam Yam found it to be too quick and fell to third. Carson kept his composure and moved at a good clip but appeared to lose sight of one of his balls as it fell from the shoot. The final immunity winner was Heidi, who won her first and only in the season.

She exclaimed about how thrilling it was to finally win one because she had been so close throughout the season. She also made a suggestion that she might think about participating in the fire challenge because she knows she needs to bolster her resume for the jury.

Who ended up making fire?

Fire making challenge
Survivor 44 episode 13

So with Heidi holding the immunity, one of the three stooges would have to go to the jury. Heidi would have to choose who will make fire and advance to the final 3. She floats the idea of putting herself into the fire-making challenge But will she?

While the players were practicing making their fires, Yam Yam surprisingly helped Carson learn how to make a fire which was a boss move in my opinion. That was the only un-selfish thing I’ve seen him do this whole season.

When it came to choosing who will make fire Heidi put herself and Carson into the challenge which means Yam Yam and Carolyn are advancing to the final 3.

Heidi ended up winning the fire challenge and breaking the record for the fastest fire challenge with a time of just 3 minutes and 2 seconds and the end of the three stooges.

The Final Tribal Council – Who Would You Have Voted To Win? Poll

Final Tribal
Survivor 44 episode 13

At the final Tribal council Yam Yam deflected with so many, “Because I’m Pretty” answers it was pretty pathetic. Sad really, and it seems the jury didn’t notice this deflection either.

Did anyone else notice how phony Heidi was? She was so fake. It was almost like she was auditioning for a role that required a sob story.

The only one who was real was Carolyn. She had all the right answers to the jury’s questions and they all sounded honest and true. Unlike Yam Yam and Haidi’s pandering.

Is it just me or does anyone else think that the final tribal councils are pretty lame? They’re nothing like back in the days in Survivor: Borneo when Sue ripped off Richard Hatch’s head with her Snake and Rat speech.

Survivor: Borneo

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Who Won Survivor 44 Episode 13?

Mac's Opinion - The place where everyone is entitled to my opinion
Yamil Yam Yam ArochoSurvivor 44 Episode 13

Yamil Yam Yam Arocho – Survivor 44 Episode 13

Hometown: Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Residence: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Occupation: Salon Owner
Three Words to Describe You: Fun, loud, and caring
What has prepared them for the game?  After Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, we had no power in my house or work for 90 days. And I had to lead my team of 20+ adults (most older than me) and give them hope when I felt I had none. Without them, I would not be who I am today.

I want to fulfill my lifelong dream of playing the best game in the world. I’ve been watching since the very first episode, when I was 13 years old. And I want to prove to me, that I have the physical and mental strength to make my dreams come true, and to win the title and money.

Yamil Yam Yam Arocho

Fun, loud and Caring? More like annoying, narcissistic, and whiny. I was absolutely shocked that he won as the sole survivor on Survivor 44 episode 13. I honestly thought that Carolyn would have taken home the million dollars. She was the most entertaining and real person the whole season. Yam Yam was an annoying crybaby that I would have voted out a long time ago.

The jury is all blind and didn’t see the snake that Yam Yam was and how good a player Carolyn actually was. I’m disappointed for the first time with the winner of a Survivor season. I bet Yam Yam whispered into everybody’s ears that he would give them some money if they voted for him if they ended up on the jury. That’s the only thing that makes any sense to me.

I wonder if Season 45 will be any good. This was a pretty shitty season in my opinion. It was way too tame. What are your thoughts?

Cast members voted out Survivor 44 so far:

Do you have any thoughts on last night’s episode? Post them in the comments below.


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