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Last night's Survivor 44 Episode 5 was pretty tame. The tribal twist that was expected.
Survivor 44 Episode 5
Survivor 44 Episode 5
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Survivor 44 Episode 5 - The Third Turd Bromance Fail 1

Survivor 44 Episode 5 – The Third Turd

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Survivor 44 Episode 5

Last night’s Survivor 44 Episode 5 was kinda lame! Unlike last week when it seemed to be picking up with exciting gameplay and challenges, last night’s Survivor 44 episode 5 seemed a little bit too tame in my opinion. Maybe this is because of what happened in this episode so they had to stretch as much as they could with the little content they had. I’m assuming.

At the start of the show when Carson and Kane were at the water hole talking did anyone else go, “Who the hell is that?” when they saw Carson without his glasses on? I honestly didn’t recognize him and wondered who the hell he was, LOL!

Not a whole lot happened up until the immunity challenge. Just Carson and Kane nerd-ing out and Josh and Yam Yam bonding about their sexuality. There was some group meditating, honestly, I wish the producers would stop with this sh*t. We don’t need to see this every other episode, we get it. They meditate, A LOT, sheesh! It was pretty eventless during the first half of the show.

Josh and Yam Yam both had anger issues with the other for being dishonest, despite Yam Yam’s best efforts to smooth things over by giving Josh some space to “rant on” him. That put them in a difficult position about whether or not they would cooperate. Josh observed that Yam Yam’s attitude changed after realizing there are other players with power in the game.

Survivor 44 Episode 5 Immunity Challenge

Survivor 44 Episode 5 Immunity challenge
Survivor 44 episode 5 immunity challenge

The tribes sent three members into a course of obstacles tied together that culminated in a two-hander table maze for the following immunity challenge. The tribe that finished first would receive immunity and the right to choose one person from each tribe to go on this week’s journey. The second tribe to finish would also get immunity, but the last tribe would be sent to Tribal Council.

This was so lame! They were just strolling along with those buckets of water. I realize that they may have been exhausted, but they didn’t even look like they were trying. Their faces didn’t show hardly any expression of determination to finish at all. It was almost as if they were all trying to lose the challenge to be able to go to the tribal to vote somebody out.

Anyway, Ratu took first place, followed by Soka in second, leaving Tika once again in last and being sent to the tribal council. For the journey, Ratu decided that Brandon would go from their tribe, Danny from Soka, and Carolyn from Tika.

Given that Matthew is still using the shoulder sling and is continuing to skip challenges, Jeff asked Matthew to stay behind before sending the tribes back to camp so that he could speak with the medical staff.

Who ended up on the chopping block for Survivor 44 episode 5? – Who would you vote for – Poll

Again, there wasn’t much discussion among the Tiki tribe; instead, Yam Yam was pleading with Josh to overlook what happened last week. Josh, however, didn’t agree. Josh allegedly made a fake immunity idol and revealed it to Yam Yam in an effort to persuade him to vote Carolyn out.

This segment of the show basically consisted of Yam Yam boohooing for about 15 minutes about how he felt left out and that everyone was out to get him.

During the journey when Carolyn was forced to watch Brandon and Danny engage in their mini-bromance, I found it amusing. I’ll admit, I’m beginning to like her. She has a high-strung personality and is quite humorous.

Carolyn signaled to Yam Yam after she got back from the trip that they should be working together against Josh. She did this behind Josh’s back. She identified Josh as a potential teammate for them to join at merge so they could form a “meat brigade” and said that Danny and Brandon were growing closer to one another.

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Who Got Voted Out of Survivor 44 Episode 5?

Jeff arrived by boat as they were getting ready to go to Tribal Council to let them know that Matthew had indeed decided to leave the game due to his injury. Due to Matthew’s exit, the three of them no longer would need to vote someone out and so in an unexpected turn of events, their games would go in a direction that they otherwise wouldn’t have gone in.

Matthew Grinstead Mayle
Matthew Grinstead Mayle left the game in Survivor 44 episode 5

Matthew Grinstead Mayle had to remove himself in Survivor 44 episode 5 due to his injury.

Hometown: Pickerington, Ohio
Residence: Columbus, Ohio
Occupation: Barbershop Owner
Three Words to Describe You: Spontaneous, caring, adventurous
What has prepared her for the game? My mom worked for the YMCA when I was younger… so I was always outside, in a forest, climbing trees, swimming in lakes and rivers, surrounded by friends and nature. My unique childhood taught me to love the outdoors and people.

I have been a super-fan since day one. I love the outdoors and have always wanted my shot to be the Sole Survivor! I love the challenges, beautiful settings, and amazingly diverse casts of Survivor. This is a dream come true!

Matthew Grinstead Mayle

His adventurous nature ultimately led to his defeat in the game. His ability to keep going nine days after getting hurt was impressive. I know how painful it must have been for him because I’ve previously torn muscle tissue. It’s terrible to have endured all that discomfort to this point in the game only to have to give up and quit.

Cast members voted out so far:

Do you have any thoughts on last night’s episode? Post them in the comments below.


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