Twitter HQ feature
Twitter HQ news is exploding with Twitter users posting tweets about the purchase. Most are funny too.

Twitter HQ is trending with crazy tweets and memes from official news of Musk’s purchase of the platform

Twitter HQ feature
Elon Musk makes the purchase of Twitter official
Twitter HQ

The news about Twitter HQ is exploding with hateful and hopeful tweets today. Most of the hateful tweets are from trolls who don’t seem to like rich people no matter what, I assume it’s jealousy. I am jealous also, but I don’t hate the guy.

The hopeful tweets are from users who hope that Elon Musk will take Twitter to new heights, or just clean up the garbage that’s been accumulating over the past several years.

I personally like his mission of getting rid of bots. There’s nothing more that I hate is an f’n message asking me to visit their page of scam-baiting content. And he also claims to tackle the problem with annoying fake ads. I’m going to assume he’s referring to the ones that get you to, Like, Share, Follow, and comment on their tweet for the chance to win a prize that never existed.

Elon Musk clearly likes twitter enough that he bought it, so I don’t think he intends to change the platform a whole lot. I think he’s tired of all the spam, bots, and the suppression of free speech as am I, and he just wants his new toy to be squeaky clean from all of that stuff.

Elon Musks’ latest tweets clearly show he’s happy about the deal.

Passing out pink slips

As soon as the Tesla owner and billionaire Elon Musk acquired Twitter, he immediately fired the firm’s CEO Parag Agarwal, and two other top executives. Agarwal will reportedly get $42 million as severance after being fired as Twitter CEO.

Twitter is finally now a company owned by Elon Musk. Twitter’s CFO, CEO and policy chief have reportedly left the company’s office. As per a report in New York Times, Musk’s first move on Thursday (October 28) was to sack CEO Parag Agarwal, Chief financial officer Ned Segal and Vijay Gadde, the company’s policy chief whom Musk had criticized have also reportedly asked to go. Sean Edgett, the general counsel, has left the company. Moreover, Chief customer Sarah Personette was fired as well. The report claims that at least one of these executives was walked out by security.

Release the MEMES!

There are so many being posted that I’d be here all day trying to post them, but if you would like to see more as I’m sure there are more posted even after I publish this post here’s a Link.

Some apparently don’t like the purchase



I really don’t get why a lot of people are not happy about Elon buying Twitter. From what I’ve read and heard him say is that he simply wants to get rid of the garbage that I’m pretty sure a lot of users today are annoyed by also.

He expressed how he feels about users being banned from the platform for their political views, or saying something that might offend a group of people. He promises advertisers that Twitter won’t become a “free-for-all hellscape”

I don’t think he’s going to allow Trump back on, at least that’s what I think I read a while back. I’m sure if you Google it you’ll find out the answer. (I just did and Yup, he will) Not sure if he will let that Racist Kanye West back either, he said he would be back on October 8th, but recent sh*t West has done might have changed that. But if he does, I would assume it would be under very strict guidelines.

What are your opinions on Musk buying Twitter? Do you think he will ruin it or make it better? Post your answers in the comments below.

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