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Can't deal with this unacceptable slow Web Host anymore and switching to a better one today.
Web Host fail
Web Hosting Hub is a Web Host Dud

Can’t deal with this unacceptable slow Web Host anymore

C Ya Web Host

Pulling the trigger on our current Web Host – Web Hosting Hub. After seeing the drop in visits going from over 1,000 per day to under 100 from the site taking up to 30-60 seconds to even connect before it started to download. Which is causing visitors to just click away and causing us to lose revenue.

We’ve been butting heads with them about this for several months now and they will either claim that the site is loading fast on their end or that they fixed whatever the problem was only for it to end up going back to the way it was again later. It wasn’t just us experiencing this problem, dozens upon dozens of people have messaged us about how they would see a message about the site being unavailable, it not connecting, unavailable, and just not loading fast.

Moving to a much better Web Host today!

I posted about SiteGround two weeks ago today about how they actually allowed me to test drive their hosting service, and in return, I would review their hosting service in a review post. In doing so they also convinced me that there IS a better solution to my hosting woes with Web Hosting Hub. Kick them to the curb and go start an account with SiteGround!

Should be a smooth transition

They assured me that the transition would be painless and that is in fact the reason why a lot of WordPress users actually choose their hosting service because transferring a website is super easy. So I’ll be putting that to an actual hands-on personal experience test today.

If you come here and the site is looking a bit off, that’s probably because I have some tweaking to do or something.

So immediately after I post this, I will be going over to SiteGround.com and getting their Ultra Fast Web Hosting service. We will be getting the Startup WordPress Hosting plan as it better suits us at the moment. Plus it’s 80% off at the moment ($2.99/Month) and if things pick up we can simply upgrade when needed.

See you all on the other side!

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