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Upgraded our diesel heater, now rocking a 'Texas-sized' tank. FrankenSetup may look crazy, but runs longer than a LOTR marathon! 🌿🔥😄

We’ve upgraded our Diesel Heater setup

Remember the epic tale of our Vevor diesel heater acquisition for our beloved greenhouse? After embarking on several heroic test runs, we hit a monumental snag—our fuel tank was about as sufficient as a chocolate teapot in a heatwave. So, we super-sized to a tank that’s more ‘Texas’ than ‘Tiny Tim’. Now we slumber like babies, our dreams unhaunted by the spectre of a chilly apocalyptic crop freeze. Bring it on, Mother Nature—we’re equipped for your curveballs!

Vevor Diesel Heater setup

My current rig may resemble a mad scientist’s weekend project—I like to affectionately call it “FrankenSetup.” But fear not, this delightful monstrosity is temporary. I’m just running it through its paces, giving it the old razzle-dazzle to make sure there aren’t any surprises, like unintended indoor fountains. Once it behaves for a spell and I’m convinced our hydration habits won’t turn chaotic, and, you know, when the stars align and my calendar isn’t jam-packed, I’ll buckle down and transform this beast into a beauty.

How much run time do you get with that baby?

After I wrapped up the Oscar-worthy production of my latest video, I took it upon myself to do a bit more tinkering. Lo and behold, I discovered that with a mere 4 – 5 litres of Kerosene or Diesel, these gizmos could chug along for a marathon-worthy 26-30 hours! And yes, for those wondering, you can totally use kerosene. I had a surplus of the stuff from last year’s “Great Kerosene Heater Experiment,” which, spoiler alert, was a flop bigger than a summer blockbuster. We were about as warm as a penguin in a fridge. But hey, not wanting to hoard like a dragon, I figured it was time to put that liquid gold to good use!

Where can you buy the supplies I used?



And there you have it, folks—my diesel heater adventure that’s more twisty than an M. Night Shyamalan flick. From the ill-fated ‘Great Kerosene Heater Experiment’ to the birth of FrankenSetup, it’s been a journey of epic proportions. With more power than a superhero movie franchise, we can now outlast the coldest of marathons—running longer than the director’s cut of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

So as I bid farewell and wrap up this blockbuster blog post with a bow, I turn to you, my beloved audience. Have my diesel deeds ignited a spark of inspiration? Or do you have tales of thermal triumph (or tribulation) to recount? Share your stories, and let us know if you, too, have joined the League of the Heat heroes. Do you nurture your tomatoes with the help of a diesel heater, or are you more of a ‘stay-toasty-at-the-tailgate’ kind of person?

Drop your comments, anecdotes, or even just a friendly ‘howdy’ in the section below. Let’s keep the conversation hotter than my upgraded, Texas-sized diesel tank. And remember, winter is still here—but with these heaters, it’s practically summer all year round in our greenhouses and hearts! 🔥🌿😄

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