Greenhouse gardening
Recent updates from our greenhouse show flourishing growth, with seeds blossoming into strong plants ready for transplantation. Increased tomato planting aims at launching a sauce venture. Successful tip: bury tomatoes deeper for robust growth. Additionally, we're heating the greenhouse effectively and enjoying diverse produce. Share your own gardening stories!

Greenhouse gardening update

It’s been a while since our last greenhouse gardening post and things are blossoming beautifully! All the seeds we nurtured in our special room dedicated to seeds and cuttings are thriving spectacularly in the greenhouse. We’re almost ready to begin transplanting them into the garden—such an exciting phase!

It’s like witnessing the first steps of a baby plant in my grow room! The moment I spot a brave little seedling daring to peek through the soil, I whisk it away to the big leagues in the greenhouse. I find that lounging under grow lights too long turns them into gangly teenagers, stretching awkwardly towards the light instead of bulking up. So, to the greenhouse they go, to join the botanical varsity team on the shelves!

  • Greenhouse Gardening - Peppers
  • Greenhouse Gardening - Tomatoes
  • Greenhouse Gardening - Tomatoes
  • Greenhouse Gardening - Peppers
  • Greenhouse Gardening - Peppers
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  • Greenhouse Gardening - Flowers
  • Greenhouse Gardening - Flowers
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Why so many Tomatoes?

Last year, we flirted with the idea of becoming plant vendors, and boy did those tomatoes fly off the shelves faster than a cat in a cucumber patch! We figured this year we’d take the hint and plant enough tomatoes to start our own sauce empire, or at least avoid selling out before lunchtime. Of course, we’ll snag a few tomatoes for our personal stash—can’t risk running low when it’s salad season in our kitchen!

Think your tomato plants look embarrassingly lanky, sagging under the weight of their own ambitions? Here’s a pro gardening hack you might not have tried because it sounds almost scandalous: bury them deeper. Yes, those tiny hairs along the tomato’s stem? They’re not just decorations. They will sprout into roots. So go ahead, get daring—wrap those stems right into the soil and plant them deeper than you’d have the guts to normally. That’s the secret behind the stout, robust look of the plants in the picture. It’s not just gardening, it’s a resurrection!

What’s with all the Peppers?

To jazz up our scrumptiously healthy salads, we absolutely must have peppers – it’s practically a veggie mandate! We’ll stick to cultivating the tried-and-true green peppers and the regally-named King peppers right in our own greenhouse garden. As for the jalapeños, those spicy little powerhouses are slated for spicing up our spaghetti sauces and fueling culinary fires across other dishes.

Now let’s talk about the Reapers. Ah, the Carolina Reapers – Miss Mac’s Opinion harboured delusions of gardening grandeur and decided it’d be a hoot to grow these tongue-terrorizing titans. As for me, I cherish my taste buds dearly, so I shall respectfully pass on devouring those. We’re thinking of keeping just one brave plant on display and offloading the rest — sort of a peppery show and tell, except you can actually buy the terror if you dare!

Heating the greenhouse

Greenhouse Gardening

Even though temperatures still plummet below 0°C at night and occasionally during the day, I keep the greenhouse cozy with a Vevor Diesel Heater. Luckily, it’s only needed at night now because, once the sun comes up, it showers the greenhouse with plenty of warmth. This natural boost in temperature allows me to open the windows and doors, ensuring that my plants bask in just the right amount of heat without overheating. If you have a greenhouse then I highly recommend you get one now.

Concluding Thoughts: From Green Thumbs to Comment Thumbs!

Conclusion - Greenhouse gardening

That wraps up our latest tour through the jungles of tomatoes, the Courage of Reapers, and the balmy bays of our heated greenhouse. We’d love to turn the spotlight on you now—yes, you sitting comfortably behind your screen with your own gardening tales itching to break soil!

Drop your thoughts, tips, or even your epic fails below and let’s cultivate a community where everyone’s secret gardening hacks can bloom. How do you handle your green wards during the icy kiss of winter? Are tomatoes the monarchs of your garden empire, or do you dare dance with the devilish Reapers?

Comment below—because every gardener knows, that the real magic happens when we share our experiences (and maybe, just maybe, when we laugh at our misadventures too). Happy gardening!

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