July 12, 2024
cost of living in Canada
Feel the fury! Canadians are being choked by insane grocery prices and extortionate fast food costs. A supermarket feels like a prison with $40 T-bone steaks, while Dairy Queen dares to charge $45 for two burgers. The cost of living in Canada is spiraling out of control and something must change now!
The cost of living in Canada

Cost of living in Canada and the corporate pigs that are abusing it

But before I dive into the heart of my rant, let’s talk about the avaricious grocery chain sucking us dry. Yesterday, we grudgingly dragged ourselves to the Superstore (AKA the Loblaws extortion machine), to grab a few essentials. Let me tell you, the place in Oromocto, New Brunswick, isn’t just a store; it’s a prison where customers are treated like criminals. From the instant you walk through the initial doors, you’re funnelled through oppressive metal railings towards the entrance and shopping cart area, like sheep to the slaughter.

Once you grab a cart, your attention is immediately hooked by the ominous warning plaques, practically shouting at you that this cart might come to a screeching halt. These high-tech electronic wheels are designed to lock up your cart if they even suspect you of theft. Why don’t they just slap ankle bracelets on us as we enter your prison-like store, Galen Weston Jr.?

When you get inside, you’re greeted by a fortress of metal bars and plexiglass impeding your exit. The only way out? You must trek to the far end of the store and squeeze through an unstaffed cashier lane just to retrieve something as simple as forgotten grocery bags. Now, imagine the chaos during an emergency when everyone has to flee. People would be crammed into that single, suffocating exit like cattle. It’s outrageous that a fire marshal hasn’t stepped in to end this insanity. We’re being herded like sheep, and it’s unacceptable.

OK, so now you’ve got all those overpriced items in your cart, feeling swindled yet? Let’s head to the self-checkout because, of course, only one cashier is working while the other 8 lanes sit empty. Welcome to the cramped, cage-like corner of self-checkout stations, where you can barely maneuver your cart or yourself. Fun, isn’t it?

You start scanning your absurdly overpriced items. You run out of room because the shelf is a measly 12 inches wide and 24 inches long—barely big enough for two shopping bags. So you try to make space by putting filled bags back into your cart, but surprise, surprise, they’ve rigged it so you can’t remove your bags until you’ve paid for everything. It’s like they know they’re ripping you off so intensely that they assume two bags ($200) are all you can afford. Need a third or fourth bag? You better be a master at stacking them on top of each other.

Once you’re finished succumbing to Galen’s dominating whims, you can finally slink out of that barred cage and make your way through the suffocating metal fence gate toward freedom. By this point, your fury is bubbling over from the degrading ordeal, and all you can think about is tearing away from this place and racing back to the sanctuary of your car, eager to leave this humiliating nightmare in your rearview mirror.

So what’s the lesson?

person holding a cheeseburger
Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com

Oh, wow! I can’t believe my sheer idiocy. This is one of those “Lesson Learned” posts that, without a doubt, many Canadians will vibe with. Get ready for a no-holds-barred rant about the sky-high cost of living in Canada.

While at the Superstore I thought I’d grab something for a BBQ dinner. So I marched over to the Meats department, determined to find some decent steaks. There they were, two mouth-watering T-Bone steaks—perfect for a BBQ. But then I saw the $40 price tag. Are you kidding me!? Were these cows raised on a diet of gold straw made by Rumpelstiltskin? The cost of living in Canada is getting out of control. There’s no way I’m flushing that kind of cash on two puny T-Bone steaks. Outraged, we stormed out and hit up Dairy Queen instead.

So there we were, trapped in the drive-thru vortex. This particular drive-thru is a no-escape zone—once you’re in, you’re doomed till the end. Otherwise, the fiasco that unfolded might have been avoided. Anyway, we rolled up to the speaker and told the disembodied voice what we craved. Two Flamethrower burgers and fries. Then he had the gall to respond with, “Okay, that’ll be $45,” and I swear, my eyes almost shot out of my head and my jaw crashed onto the car floor from sheer price shock!

If that drive-through had a way to just drive away, I would have floored it, yelled, “NO THANK YOU!” and raced to the Superstore to grab those two steaks instead. When did fast food become a wallet-destroying scam? Paying $45 for two pathetic burgers is an absolute rip-off! With those T-bone steaks, we could have had a sizzling BBQ dinner with baked potatoes and veggies, a real meal, not those puny excuses for hamburgers! I can’t believe I went through with that order, but it’s like there was no other choice—I had to just take it on the chin, like every other overpriced inconvenience in this country lately.

That was an outrageous rip-off! I was expecting maybe $25 for that sorry excuse of a meal. Spending that amount was already tough to swallow, but $45? You’ve got to be kidding me! The cost of living in Canada is spiralling out of control with all these ridiculous taxes, skyrocketing food prices, fueling up the car feels like preparing for a financial apocalypse, and now you can’t even count on cheap fast food takeout without getting fleeced.

Never again! Next time we’re just going to have that steak and eat it too. This new Milhouse guy better do a better job than that clown of a Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Hopefully, the cost of living in Canada will become realistic again. He better hold up to his tax-cutting promises and wields the axe on the bureaucracy that’s strangling the government and bleeding us dry financially. Enough with the insane spending on foreign countries—focus on the Canadiens! It’s high time he slams the borders shut and halts this out-of-control immigration. This immigration crisis is driving up the costs of everything, from food to housing.

Remember when the cost of living in Canada was simpler and hotdogs and bologna were the go-to staples for anyone on a tight budget? Well, kiss those days goodbye. Nowadays, everything costs an arm and a leg. A single cucumber for $2.50? How on earth is that justifiable? There’s no such thing as saving money anymore. You’re either eating through your paycheck or pouring it into your gas tank just to make it back to work and repeat the cycle. Something’s got to give, and it needs to happen now.

This rant on the cost of living in Canada could stretch endlessly, and the mere act of writing it is infuriating me. I’m cutting it short here, even though there’s a sea of things I could rant about. Got something to say? Drop your thoughts in the comments below—if you dare.

Conclusion and Call to Action

The cost of living in Canada conclusion
cost of living in Canada

In a country as beautiful and resource-rich as Canada, it’s heartbreaking to see families struggle with the basic cost of living in Canada. The prices we’re enduring for everyday essentials are not just inconvenient—they’re unsustainable. This is a call to arms for all of us to voice our frustrations, demand change, and support each other in finding practical solutions. Because if we remain silent, this vicious cycle of rising costs and diminishing returns will only continue.

So, what can we do about the cost of living in Canada? We can start by being informed, supporting local farmers and businesses, and demanding better from our policymakers. It’s essential to raise our voices, participate in community discussions, and push for transparency and fairness.

Let’s use this platform to share our experiences and strategies for coping with the cost of living in Canada. What are your thoughts on the current cost of living in Canada? Have you found any tips or tricks that help make ends meet? Or maybe you have insights on potential solutions. Whatever it is, we’d love to hear from you.

Drop your thoughts on the cost of living in Canada in the comments below. Let’s turn our collective frustration into actionable change. Together, we can make a difference.

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