10 Free AI Apps and Tools to Make Your Life Easier
This article provides an overview of 10 free ai apps and tools that can help make everyday tasks easier and more efficient.

If there is anything better than AI Tools and Apps it is Free AI Tools and Apps

Free AI

With over a thousand Apps and Tools released just last May, we’ve chosen 10 of the most valuable ones to help you boost your productivity. A few of these Free AI Tools and Apps have already been posted here already because they’re really that good and we don’t want you to miss out on them.

What you study doesn’t matter because you learn to obtain a job, and if that job can be automated, it will be automated; the same is true if your job can be automated.

Stop concentrating on the details and begin considering how society and the economy will change so that we won’t need those jobs.

Here’s the list of AI tools and apps you should know about

1. Kickresume

Kickresume Free AI
Free AI

Al will have time to produce your best resume to date. You can create a resume that will land you a job with the aid of all editable templates.

The most potent language model in the world, GPT-4 from OpenAI, drives Kickresume’s AI resume builder, which can quickly identify the best phrases to use on your resume. Text produced by it on autopilot can be mistaken for human-written text. It’s no longer a thing to experience writer’s block. Create your resume’s first draft in a matter of seconds.

Free AI

Anyone who feels threatened by AI should find this helpful. However, in my opinion, AI won’t replace jobs; rather, it’ll make them more innovative and fruitful. I’ve been using this for about a month, and it helps me sound knowledgeable when I would otherwise sound like a complete novice.

2. Word Spinner

Word Spinner Free AI
Free AI

Are you in need to have your words sound gooder?

Word Spinner is the most advanced ai-based Article Rewriter and Paraphrase Tool online, capable of rewriting any words, phrases and sentences! This amazing tool also helps you to improve your writing, making it more accurate and error-free.

Word Spinner FREE Ai
Free AI

I use this tool for every blog post that I write. I have terrible grammar skills and my spelling is just as bad. Word Spinner makes what I write more understandable and make better sense. A must-have for Top AI Tools lists!

3. Scribe

Scribe Free AI
Free AI

You can instruct people on how to use any website, app, or tool with the aid of Scribe, an AI-powered tutorial generator. Have you ever needed to disable a particular privacy setting on somebody’s Facebook without them being in the same room as you? Extremely difficult isn’t it?

With Scribe, all you have to do is:

  1. Click record.
  2. Do the thing.
  3. and TADA!

What you just did was automatically generated in detail. Way superior to spending the entire day taking screenshots of various objects to illustrate your point. I strongly advise including this on your list of AI tools.

Free AI

4. Uizard

Uizard Free AI
Free AI

Simply draw your idea on a piece of paper and watch Uizard scan it and create an awesome design within seconds in front of your eyes!

Every great idea begins with a sketch, so you don’t need to be a designer. Utilize Uizard’s AI design tools to scan your sketches and create stunning designs from them automatically. Create websites, web apps, mobile apps, and user interfaces with ease.

Free AI

Visualize, test, and present your ideas in a fashionable manner by designing like a pro!

UIzard’s AI Design Assistant will create an original design style for you based on a screenshot you upload of your inspiration.

5. Slides

SlidesAI Free AI
Free AI

You can put an end to time-consuming, manual slide creation with this free AI tool. Let the AI create the presentation’s outline and content for you. With the help of the Slides free AI tool, you can quickly and easily produce polished, captivating slides from any text.

Free AI
  1. Start by Adding Your Text: Enter the text that you want to create your presentation from. You can either write it directly into the text box or paste it in from any source.
  2. Customize the Look and Feel: It’s time to give your presentation some personality. Choose from our pre-designed colour and font presets, or create your own custom look.
  3. See Your Presentation Come to Life: Congratulations on creating a presentation and saving hours of effort 🎉. Take a moment to preview your presentation and make any final adjustments.



The Ultimate AI Art Generator For Creators: Generate stunning AI art, image, anime, and realistic photos from text or images with a click of a button.

Replace items, change hairstyle, swap faces – edit the image in any way you want in seconds – just type up the description.

This website has really helped me a lot, helped me solve a lot of problems, and can almost meet my work needs as someone who frequently has some special picture needs. It is a very exciting website, highly recommended.

7. Perplexity

Perplexity Free AI

A search app called Perplexity offers immediate responses and cited sources on any subject. Fantastic for all those shady Facebook posts that your friends insist are real but you know they’re not. With the help of your search results from this free AI tool, prove them wrong.

Perplexity is available for iOS and Android also.

8. Krisp AI

Krisp Free AI

With Voice Productivity AI, your online meetings will be more productive. With its Voice Clarity and Meeting Assistant powered by AI, Krisp increases the productivity of online meetings.

Unlike other solutions, Krisp processes your voice on your device ONLY. Your voice never leaves your device. The insights gathered from your calls are for you to view and use, helping you improve your communication skills over time.

Free AI

Krisp acts as a “smart” layer between your device and any online communication solution to eliminate all background noise with a single click.

9. Gamma

Gamma Free AI
Free AI

Create documents, presentations, and websites in a matter of seconds. Use Gamma’s potent AI generator to quickly create a working presentation, document, or website that you can edit and customize.

Make it polished and ready in one click

🎉No more slide masters or template lock-in

🎨Restyle your entire deck in just one click

⏰Use a flexible template to work faster

10. Hypotenuse

Hypotenuse Free AI

Unlock those ideas that you have stuck in your head. Utilize the most cutting-edge text-to-image Al generator to produce images and artwork for any situation.

Provide a few keywords, and Hypotenuse will instantly turn them into full-length articles and marketing content, using our world-class AI with a vast knowledge of the world.

This is a great tool for when you have writer’s block. This tool could technically write whole blog posts for you, or you could just use it to get started with a few paragraphs. Use it however you choose, we won’t judge you.



We really hope you enjoyed this list of great Free AI tools and Apps. Some of them are repeats, but that’s because we really think they are just that good to reshare.

If you have an AI tool or app that you feel should be included in these listable posts, please post them in the comments below.

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