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Check out this top 8 AI Tools list that will make your day a whole lot easier. #ChatGPT #AITools #AI
AI Tools
AI Tools – Get the most out of your day!

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Last week, we wrote about some AI tools you can download as browser extensions to make your life much easier. Additionally, this list of AI tools will assist you in time management.

Some people are alarmed by the popularity of AI and how quickly work can be completed when AI handles the majority of it for you. A few unsettling AI demonstrations have included placing people in videos or images when they weren’t actually there. AI has been used to deceive people into believing that real celebrities appear in amusing or awkward videos or photos.

Technology has many benefits, but as with anything good, someone will inevitably misuse it for bad purposes. However, the existence of a few bad apples should not justify the complete rejection of AI. When I was writing and making images for this blog, AI was a big help. I have terrible grammar, so I use tools like Grammarly and Word Spinner to fix and rewrite my paragraphs.

So without further ado, here are some great AI Tools that you can use to help save you time and use for good and are completely free to use.

1. Scribe


Scribe, an AI-powered tutorial generator, will help you teach people how to use any website, app, or tool. Have you ever had to show someone where the settings are on Facebook to disable a specific privacy setting without them being in the same room as you?

  1. Click record
  2. Do the thing
  3. and Tada!

The step-by-step auto-generated thing you just did. Way better than taking screenshots of things all day to get your point shown. Highly recommend adding this to your list of AI Tools.

2. Grammarly


I’ll admit it; both my grammar and my spelling are terrible. There are times when a paragraph I write doesn’t read as well as it did in my head when I put it on paper. In order to improve my spelling and paragraph structure, I use Grammarly.

You can either write your memoirs directly in the Grammarly interface or use the extension for your browser to have Grammarly correct you as you go.

Since Grammarly first launched, I have been using it. While using it is entirely free, a premium service is available if you require more from it. If you require those extras, spending a few dollars is well worth it if you don’t want to appear to be illiterate. One of the AI Tools that I use often

3. Word Spinner

Word Spinner

Word Spinner is another one of the AI Tools that I use to correct my crappy grammar.

Sentence Rewrite tools like Word Spinner can help you to revise and polish your writing, ensuring that your sentences are clear and concise. Most of these tools work by replacing certain words or phrases with synonyms, which can help to improve the overall flow of your paragraph.

Word Spinner is a life-changing rewording sentence tool for all writers. Imagine, you can cut your writing time by more than half with just one click!

4. Writesonic

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WriteSonic has a bundle of AI Tools. Specifically the ChatSonic tool – It’s ChatGPT on steroids!

A revolutionary AI like Chat GPT – Chatsonic (now with GPT-4 capabilities), the conversational AI chatbot addresses the limitations of ChatGPT, turning out to be the best free Chat GPT alternative.

Remember that South Park episode where they use ChatGPT to text their girlfriends? This is that!

Writesonic is a premium service with many awesome AI Tools, but I said free, right? LOL, the Chatsonic tool is actually one of their many free AI Tools that you can use.

5. Murf AI

Murf AI

Who would have thought that AI Tools could do the talking for you? Well, they can with Murf AI. This tool will turn your text into human-sounding voices of your choosing.

For years, producing good voiceovers required spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on voice actors, studio rental, expensive recording equipment (if you were recording at home), and hiring an audio editor to mix the audio and create the voiceover. Not to mention the significant time invested in the whole process. Even after all of this, the audio file’s quality might not be satisfactory.

Introducing Murf AI voice generator, which eliminates the entire process of creating voiceovers manually and allows you to quickly create human-like voiceovers without the use of specialized hardware or experts.

Leveraging advanced AI algorithms and deep learning, the realistic online voice generator tool allows you to convert text into natural-sounding speech, in a matter of just a few minutes. It acts as a voice maker, enabling you to produce realistic synthetic voices that imitate the tonalities and prosodies of human speech and sound. Murf’s AI voices don’t sound robotic or monotonous like other computer-generated voices sometimes do. The Murf AI’s tts voices, however, are flawless and incredibly realistic.

6. Runway


Have you ever said, “Gee, I wish I could make a video of that idea?” Well, now you can with Runway. With Runway you can generate your very own AI Powered video or movie. ‘Runway’ is a new kind of creative suite. One where AI is a collaborator and anything you can imagine can be created.

Browse their full suite of 30+ AI Magic Tools that make it easier than ever to ideate, iterate and generate content.

You can make any idea come to life simply by writing.

7. Altered


Unlike Murf AI takes the text and turns it into speech, Altered will convert your own voice and alter it any way that you wish. Altered allows you to change your voice to any of their carefully curated portfolio or custom voices and create compelling professional voice performances.

Create the specific voice you need for your project. It might be the voice of a famous actor, a captivating voice talent, a friend, or a grandparent. It might be your voice at a younger age, even as a child.

Work efficiently with audio anywhere and anytime directly in your browser. Their software packs a wide range of features to help speed up your audio-editing workflow, with maximum security.

8. Bardeen


Bardeen has AI Tools that would be suited for coders and techies. Although there’s nothing stopping any novices out there from trying out the tools, which are free by the way.

Build AI Automation for almost any use without any code in a matter of minutes. You can also automate manual work with just a click.

Use Bardeen’s tools to write emails, tweets, and blogs. You can even create a website scraper if you need to scrub your site.

This is a very powerful tool and will save your team a huge amount of time.



We hope you find our little AI Tools list helpful. We use these almost every day to help save time on tedious tasks that can be easily done by AI.

What are your thoughts on these tools that we listed? Do you feel like it might be cheating, or do you agree that they are just tools to help save you time?

Do you already use the ones we listed? Do you know of any other AI Tools that you feel should be included in this list?

Post your answers in the comments below.


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