Chrome browser extensions
Here are 8 Chrome Browser Extensions you should check out to save you time. Plus they're all free!
Chrome browser extensions

These Chrome browser extensions will help you get the most out of your browser

Chrome browser extensions

Just over a month ago, I switched from using the Chrome browser to using the Edge browser because Chrome was getting too bloated for my old laptop. I have just recently got myself a new laptop and find myself slowly transitioning back to Chrome because of their latest update that mimics Edge’s new sleeping tabs feature. What these do is conserve your computer’s memory by placing tabs not in active use to sleep.

Anyway, this post isn’t about my laptop or Chrome’s new features, it’s about the great extensions we thought you all would appreciate because they’ll save you a ton of time while using the Chrome browser.

Side note: Most of these extensions are also available on other browsers like Edge, Safari, and Firefox.

Our Top 8 Chrome browser extensions list

1. Scribe

Chrome Browser Extensions

Have you ever had to show somebody where the settings are on Facebook to disable a particular privacy setting without them being in the same room as you are? Frustrating right? Scribe to the rescue! Scribe, an AI-powered tutorial generator, will help you teach people how to use any website, app, or tool.

  1. Click record
  2. Do the thing
  3. and Tada!

The step-by-step auto-generated thing you just did. Way better than taking screenshots of things all day to get your point shown.

Also available for Edge Browsers and Desktop

2. Dark Reader

Dark Reader
Chrome Browser Extensions

Dark Reader is an open-source eye-care browser extension. It doesn’t send users’ data anywhere. Trusted by 5,000,000 users. Developed since 2014.

What Dark Reader does is changes all websites to have a dark color pallet which is great for nighttime browsing. This should help save your eyesight by reducing the glare from white backgrounds blasting your eyeballs. Will probably help if you’re not the only one in bed at night.

Available for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

3. Privacy badger

Privacy Badger
Chrome Browser Extensions

Privacy Badger will block trackers so companies can’t build a profile on your information. This is a privacy extension we believe everyone using the internet should have running on all of their devices. Unless you actually want your activities tracked that is.

Privacy Badger is a browser extension that automatically learns to block invisible trackers and is available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera

4. PixelBlock

Chrome Browser Extensions

You’d be surprised how many trackers are in emails these days.

PixelBlock is a Gmail extension that blocks people from tracking when you open their emails.
PixelBlock is a Gmail extension that blocks email tracking attempts used to detect when you open and read emails. PixelBlock displays a ‘red eye’ when it finds and blocks a tracking attempt inside an email.

This is a snaky and sneaky way to track recipients of spammy emails too.

5. Decreased Productivity

Decreased Productivity
Chrome Browser Extensions

This extension will remove website formatting to display only plain text.

Discreetly surf the web! Control exactly how you want web pages to look.

It is great for browsing while you’re at work because it makes it look like you’re just reading boring old plain text.

6. Never-Ending Netflix

Never Ending Netflix
Chrome Browser Extensions

NEN is a Chrome extension that improves the Netflix experience for power users. Its features include:

  • Automatically skip intros
  • Automatically play the next episode OR always watch the credits!
  • Skip the popups that ask if you’re “Still here?” after 8 hours
  • Search over 3000 genres from the options page!
  • Disable autoplay of shows on the home page

I don’t watch Netflix on Chrome but if you do this will probably be a great Extention to have on your browser while watching your Netflix shows.

7. I don’t care about cookies

I don't care about cookies
Chrome Browser Extensions

Remove cookie warnings from almost all websites!

The EU regulations require that any website using tracking cookies must get the user’s permission before installing them. Imagine how irritating that becomes when you surf anonymously or if you delete cookies automatically every time you close the browser.

The ‘I don’t care about cookies’ extension is a great way to put an end to those annoying cookie popups that have become a plague on the internet.

Available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Pale Moon browsers.

8. F*ck Overlays

F*ck Overlays
Chrome Browser Extensions

Don’t you just hate those pop-up overlays on websites? Like the ones that ask you to disable adblockers to continue reading a page, or any other annoying page overlay.

The F*ck Overlays extension adds a context menu to delete sign-up/sign-in overlays that prevent you from viewing a page.

F*ck overlays is a VERY light extension to give you the option to delete anything on a webpage whenever you want. F*ck overlays do not remember anything you have f*cked, so simply REFRESHING the page should cause the element to reappear.

Right-click on an element you want to delete (usually overlays, but works with other things too).
In the context menu, click “f*ck it”.

So when you are on a website and a popup overall asks you to sign up for their newsletter, right-click on it and F*ck that sh*t!



We hope these Chrome Browser Extions really help you out like they have helped out the members of Mac’s Opinion. I know that the Scribe extension is a great one when I have to explain how to turn off certain privacy features on Facebook to some of my not-so-technical friends and family members.

If you have an extension that you feel should be mentioned, put it in the comments below. I’m sure others might find them useful also. We’d like to know also because we’re always looking for better ways to organize and save valuable time online. I’ve been known to rabbit hole a lot and wasting time is my weakness.

Which one of these extensions do you like? Did you already know of some of the ones listed above? Tell us what you think about the ones you’ve tried, we would love to start up a conversation in the comments below.


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