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Gardening's green with envy at Mac's! Sales boom despite a griping "Marketplace Karen", bugs declare a mosquito apocalypse, and plants thrive like teenagers on caffeine. What's growing in your garden?

Things are going well aside from the Marketplace Karens out there

So things are absolutely booming in the gardening world here at Mac’s abode. All the vegetable plants we had for sale on Marketplace have completely sold out, leaving us in the dust of our success. Only one disgruntled soul wasn’t happy with us—presumably because they don’t understand the basic Marketplace practice of holding items for buyers. Apparently, they were miffed because someone else had the audacity to send us an e-transfer to hold the items for pickup. Poor planning on their part—thinking they could just waltz in and pick up the items a few days later.

“OH, you never mentioned that we had to pay upfront, wow!” scoffed the Marketplace Karen after I revealed that another savvy buyer snagged the last of the California reapers, swooping in and securing them days before they intended to, all because there was no e-transfer to hold them.

It is widely understood that, if you want a seller to hold an item, you are expected to send a partial or full payment. This condition is always stated in our Marketplace postings. Anyone who has sold items on Marketplace knows that not everyone is reliable. We used to hold items for people, only to have them not show up, leading to missed sales as we had to turn other buyers away during this time.

It’s the unspoken rule, isn’t it? “Do you want me to hold it?” OK, send money first. Sure, I understand there are scammers out there, but come on, have you seen my profile? I’m practically a saint in a marketplace full of sinners. And if you’re that paranoid, maybe online shopping isn’t your thing. It’s like asking Dracula how he feels about garlic. Move along, little one, the grown-ups are trying to do business here!

Things are growing fast!

So now that I have all my vegetable plants sold, I have more room to plant more seeds in the greenhouse garden. I rigged up a little containment system for the wax beans that I planted from seed. Hopefully, this will help keep them upright, making for an easier time picking the beans off the plants rather than having them all lying all over the ground. I planted two rows of carrots just in front of those. We have a lot planted because you can freeze them all year round for dinner.

We’ve decided to grow our English cucumbers, green peppers, sweet peppers, jalapeno peppers, and tomatoes in pots this year. This will make harvesting easier as we can simply move them around. Plus, when the weather starts to cool at the end of the season, we can transfer them into the greenhouse to extend their growing period.

I am absolutely thrilled with how fast our Hostas have grown! It’s amazing to think that from just a couple of bulbs, we now have huge, lush hostas. We put a hummingbird feeder among the hostas because they adore the flowers, and this feeder will keep them happy while they wait. The missis has also added a mulberry bush in a pot along with her olive tree, making the garden even more delightful.

With great weather come annoying pests

Ah, yes, as soon as the weather decides to be kind, out come the pests. And no, I don’t just mean the pesky neighbours. I’m talking about the whole squad of biting bugs! With all that rain we had last month, every puddle has turned into a five-star maternity ward for mosquitoes. And boy, do they reproduce like there’s no tomorrow! It’s practically a mosquito apocalypse out there!

Thankfully, when we plan to conquer the patio for some serious barbequing, gardening, or just a session of outdoor lounging, we’ve got these amazing mosquito sticks up our sleeves. Light them up a few minutes before heading out, and voilà! The mosquito mafia doesn’t stand a chance. Those pesky bloodsuckers scatter faster than kids at the sound of a bedtime announcement!

Mosquito Sticks
Mosquito Sticks

We’re running dangerously low on our favourite items, and it seems like they’re playing a game of hide-and-seek on Amazon. These beauties are long, burn for hours, and were a steal a few years ago. But now, poof, they’re gone! The only option that even comes close is these Citronella Mosquito Sticks. If anyone out there knows where we can track down the ones pictured above, spill the beans. We need them!

This is just the beginning

Things are just kicking off this season, and I’m itching to flaunt the planters we’ve set up in the front yard once they start exploding with colour. I went all out and filled them with a mix of flower varieties that are sure to turn heads. I’m on the edge of my seat to see how they flourish in the coming weeks. Trust me, it’s going to look absolutely stunning, and I can’t wait to rub it in with some jaw-dropping pictures in my upcoming posts.

All of our houseplants are ready for their yearly haircut, and you know what that means? CUTTINGS! I’ll be propagating all the cuttings and potting them up for Marketplace sales. You’d be amazed how wild people get over buying houseplants. Seriously, it turns into a jungle here with folks rushing in to adopt their new green babies. Bring your machete!


Gardening Triumphs and Marketplace woes

As we triumphantly ride the rollercoaster of the gardening season, it’s clear that encountering a few Marketplace Karens is just a comical subplot in our epic green-thumb saga. From practically sparring with mosquitoes to reaching legendary “plant-selling-out” status, this season’s antics are something straight out of a garden-themed sitcom.

But enough about our misadventures! We want to hear from you. Drop a comment below and spill the beans—what are your thoughts on our post? How do you fend off those pesky Marketplace Karens? And seriously, what’s sprouting in your garden? Let’s get this comment section blooming with laughter and stories!

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