July 13, 2024
Security Camera Court
You'd think that having a ton of Security Camera Evidence against a person would speed the process up #SecurityCamera #surveillancecamera
Security Camera Court
The Canadian Court System

Shouldn’t security camera evidence speed up the process?

security camera
Security camera

This is an update to our neighbors from hell situation and to show just how slow our Canadian court system is when it comes to having an individual charged with Assault.

Back in late September our NFH came over, trespassed, and assaulted me in my home. We immediately called the police and they came and took her away in handcuffs, she probably enjoyed that, and we then went through the legal hoops to start the process of pressing assault charges against her.

One of the police officers, who I will say is good at her job, took our statements, and I also copied all of the security camera evidence onto her personal thumb drive to present to the crown and also give a copy to the other police officer, who is also good at his job, who has been on a case that we filed against our neighbors a couple of months before.

So why are we still waiting when it’s now the end of December, 3+ Months later to see them in court getting sentenced? We were told that the Crown would review all the case files and video evidence and they would be before a Judge by this month. The court dockets are now posting court dates for next year and we still haven’t seen her name on any of those dates.

The Canadian court system is so slow!

Judge Dred

We did some asking around and as it turn out. Apparently, it can take 3-4 months just for the Crown to make a decision on whether or not there is a case to be had. We aren’t worried about it not going through, because like I said, the pile of evidence we submitted against them will tell the Crown that they need to be charged for their actions. If I were in their shoes and saw what we submitted, they’d be in front of a judge being sentenced to the 5 years in jail that this offense is under.

We also came to find out that it can take an additional 3-4 months to even get them to court in front of a Judge for their plea. If they plead guilty right then and there, they will then have to re-appear in court for their sentencing. This would be an additional few weeks to a month or so. However, if they plead innocent and want a trial, which would be stupid for their lawyer to let them do, that could end up adding another 12 – 15 months.

I don’t want to wait that long, but if we did, that would mean that not only would any plea to the court for minimum sentencing be out the window, but it would also mean that the Judge would end up sentencing them to maximum jail time for each individual offense when found guilty, not if, when, because of all the fine video evidence, texts, photo’s, and eye-witnesses.

Did they honestly think standing out in front of our place where the entire neighborhood could see and hear them that nobody would say anything? Or that the several hours of security camera footage wouldn’t be used in court? I’d love them to take it to trial if it wasn’t such a long drawn-out process to just get before the Courts. I just want it to be done and over with and they are gone away.

The timeline

If you’re new to this whole Neighbors from hell story, here’s a quick recap for you to catch up on.

The things we catch on our security cameras

Just to give you a taste of what we’ve put up with over the years with having sh*tty neighbors and idiots around our place.

Sh*tty drivers who just drive across our yard in their cars. This was taken on an old camera that wasn’t very good at the time. Thankfully we bought a security camera that is way better.

Bad Drivers

Even after we tried to keep people from driving across our lawn by putting up edge fencing, they drove over the fregging fence!

Douchebag drivers

Then there was the time one of the neighbors claimed ownership of the entire street and demanded that we don’t drive on it in order to get to our home. Yeah, you can’t make that sh*t up. Watch the video below.

Der der der, stay off der road, derr, derr, derr

And then we can’t forget the memorable Physical Assault on me by the nutjob we’re pressing charges on. This video is just one of the videos from our amazing security camera that was put into evidence against them, without the obvious cartoon heads of course.

When psychos attack

What kind of Security Camera do we use?

We’ve been using an IP65 Outdoor security camera that we got from Amazon for a few years, and when we saw the results we got from the first camera that we got, we ended up buying a few more. Even another one after the psycho neighbour ripped the one from our front entrance. Little did she know we had another camera inside recording when she destroyed our property. That’ll be another charge laid against her by the way.

This Outdoor security camera has perfect video quality that can record 24 hours a day with the option to have it uploaded to the cloud, or you can just have it store the data all on a local SD Card. You can also monitor the cameras on your computers, and smartphones at home or when you’re away.

This is a great starter security camera or if you just don’t feel the need to spend a lot of money on an expensive security camera system.

We’re upgrading our Security Cameras

Since the security cameras that we currently use have been beneficial to our long drawn-out legal battle and have also captured some of Nature’s critters that come by from time to time. Come to think of it, I should be saving those videos and posting them to YouTube! We’ve decided to upgrade to a more expanded system that will have a central base to store all the data indoors and have no monthly subscriptions to bother with.

We didn’t want to go crazy with those wired $500+ systems just yet. Baby steps first. We’re in the process of getting this Wireless home security camera system. The WUUK wireless cam pro kit is something that we feel will be better for us now that we have a legitimate reason to have a bigger security camera system. We also don’t want to pay a monthly subscription for cloud storage and be able to have the data in-house rather than on the camera.

Of course, we love Amazon!

You’ve probably noticed that we get a lot of things from Amazon on this website. I honestly don’t know what we’d do without it. We’ve bought items from Amazon that we could never get at any local stores in our area. Shopping local has become a pain in the ass because when you get to a place, they don’t carry it or are out of stock. So we just don’t bother anymore. I know, support local and all that, but we can’t support them if they don’t have the supply. Not our fault.

Just wanted to point that out in case you’ve noticed a lot of links to Amazon on this website. They are also affiliate links that help support the hosting and moderation of the site also. So whatever you purchase through our links helps you save and helps us out too, so thank you for that.



I hope that we can have another post up very soon that will have an outcome of the neighbour from hell being sent to jail for a while. We really hope that what they are telling us on just how long the whole process might take doesn’t actually take that long and we can move on with our lives without having to constantly look over our shoulders.

If you are looking into security camera systems for similar reasons like ours, then please use the links we provided to the ones we’re currently using because they have been detrimental in our case and are extremely good for their price. These cameras are not cheap, and they could get away with charging over $100 because they are that good.

It’s too bad that having security camera footage of the crimes these idiots got caught doing on video won’t speed things up when it comes to getting them in front of a judge, but they are extremely important and are playing a great role in making sure there is no discrepancy in the truth and they can’t deny what they did because they’re on video committing the crimes they’re being charged for.


Disclaimer, because of Idiots: All characters and events on this blog — even those based on real people — are entirely fictional. All voices are impersonated… poorly. The following language contains coarse language and due to its content, it should not be viewed by everyone.

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